General description

To use the CIL method for controller development for PMSM, as described in [[1]][[2]], several IP-Cores have been created. A general overview of the available IP-Cores is given here. Links to the individual Docs pages can be found below, as well as examples for the usage. Models are available for six-phase and nine-phase PMSM.


The multiphase CIL projects model machines with isolated neutral points, meaning 2N and 3N configurations for six-phase and nine-phase CIL. Changing the neutral configuration is not possible at this moment.

General setup


Fig. 157 Example CIL setup

The “X” for the transformation and PMSM IP-Core serves as a placeholder and the respective IP-Cores for the number of phases should be used. Individual documentation of the IP-Cores is linked below.


To use the CIL, the following examples have been created to show the necessary steps in Vivado and Vitis. Depending on the use case, some steps might differ.