External Stop


Since hardware revision 3, the UltraZohm owns a connector for an external stop button.
This external stop functionality is explicitly not an emergency stop!
It simply reflects the STOP button functionality from the front panel, as well as in the JavaGUI.
Therefore, when using this feature as described below, pressing the external stop button simply sets the R5 state machine
into Idle state. Additional behavior like e.g. bringing connected power electronics into a safe state has to be ensured by the user.
Using the external stop button has to be configured in the global configuration file, see Global configuration.



Pay attention to the dependency on the hardware revision of the UltraZohm

  • UZ_HARDWARE_VERSION is 3: nothing to configure, works out of the box.

  • UZ_HARDWARE_VERSION is 4 and higher: set UZ_USE_EXTERNAL_STOP_ON_V4 to 1U as shown below.

Listing 152 Configuration of global_configuration.h for usage of external stop with hardware version 4 and higher.
  // Hardware version of the UltraZohm

  // If Hardware version is v4 and the external STOP should be used, this define has to be set to 1. Otherwise, the external stop does nothing.
  // For Version 3, the external STOP always works, but the hardware loopback is required if no external stop is used.

  #error The UZ_USE_EXTERNAL_STOP_ON_V4 flag must not be used on hardware version 3. For hardware version 3, external stop can be used without the flag, prior versions to 3 do not have this feature.