Global configuration

The global configuration of the UltraZohm workspace regarding the R5 software is defined in the header file uz_global_configuration.h. Since the configuration of the system is specific for all users, this file does not exist in the repository and is not not tracked by git (listed in .gitignore). To simplify the setup, a default configuration``default_uz_global_configuration.h`` is provided (tracked by git).

After cloning the repository, the user has to:

  1. Create a copy of default_uz_global_configuration.h (vitis/software/Baremetal/src/uz)

  2. Adjust the configuration to match your setup

  3. Rename the copy to uz_global_configuration.h

  4. Software now can be compiled

  5. Use the UltraZohm


The configuration is used for:

  • Static memory allocation

  • Set the hardware version specific settings (e.g., UZ_HARDWARE_VERSION for different front panels).

  • Configure the interrupt source (Interrupts R5)

  • Configure the use of an external stop button, depending on the hardware revision (External Stop)

To change the default global configuration, make the changes to the local uz_global_configuration.h, and make sure that all Unit tests (Ceedling) work locally. Then, copy the content of uz_global_configuration.h to default_uz_global_configuration.h and commit the change.