Three phase sine function

uz_3ph_abc_t uz_wavegen_three_phase_sample(float amplitude, float frequency_Hz, float offset)

Samples the global timer and returns a three phase sine wave.

  • amplitude – Amplitude of all three signals

  • frequency_Hz – Frequency in Hertz

  • offset – Offset




The current value of the three phases at the current system time is calculated by calling uz_wavegen_three_phase_sample(). The module uses the uz_3ph_abc_t data type from Coordinate Transformation to return all three phase values as a struct.

float amplitude = 2.0f;
float frequency = 5.0f;
float offset = 1.0f;
uz_3ph_abc_t three_phase_sine = uz_wavegen_three_phase_sample(amplitude, frequency, offset);


Outputs one sample of a sine wave with three phases for each function call.

Figure made with TikZ

Fig. 73 three phase sine wave