Vivado License#

A valid license for the Vivado software is necessary to generate the bitstream for the Xilinx UltraScale+ (XCZU9EG). Otherwise following error message will be generated in Vivado


Obtain a Vivado license#

There are three ways to get a valid license for Vivado:

  1. Purchase the license from Xilinx

  2. Apply for the Xilinx donation Program for universities

  3. Obtain a 30-day trial license

Obtain trial license#

Open the Vivado license manager.


View License Status is empty.


Generate a 30-day trial license.


Vivado prompts successful license generation.


The license manager shows the license in View License Status after a refresh.


License information#

If you have access to licenses (e.g., students at TUM, THN), you can send the following information to your supervisor to receive a node-locked license.

  1. Open “Manage Xilinx Licenses”

  2. Make a screenshot of the “View Host Information” folder

  1. Send the screenshot your supervisor / responsible person in your company / university and request a license

  2. You will receive a license file which you can load here:

  1. Node-locked license is successfully installed