ADC Loopback#

Aim of the tutorial#

In this tutorial, the digital voltage adapter board is used to generate a PWM signal at D3. You can use a scope to measure the gate Signal. In the video, an RC-circuit is used as a low-pass. Furthermore, this signal is looped back to the ADC of the UltraZohm and read out.

After this tutorial, you can:

  • Use the PWM-module

  • Test the optical adapter board

  • Use the ADC adapter card

  • read out ADC


The following tutorial requires:

  • Complete UltraZohm Toolchain (Vivado, Vitis, ultrazohm_sw repository)

  • UltraZohm connected to your PC by USB (JTAG)

  • Digital voltage card in slot D1 (Digital Voltage 3U 2v01)

  • Analog adapter card ADC Analog LTC2311-16 3v01 in slot A2 or A3 or Analog LTC2311-16 2vXX in slot A1

  • If the analog adapter card is used in a different slot, change the variables accordingly

UltraZohm Setup#

ADC usage#