Xilinx Toolchain

  1. Install Vivado and Vitis 2020.1: Download Link (Xilinx account required)

  1. Choose Name, Address, E-Mail, and the rest of the data

  2. File Xilinx_Unified_2020.1_0602_1208_Win64.exe run. Click Next

  3. Select Download and Install Now and sign in with your Xilinx user account. Click Next


If the User Authentication in the installer results in an error, eventhough the Xilinx account is valid, an alternative installer without the need to sign in can be downloaded.

  1. Agree to all license agreements, terms, and conditions. Click Next

  1. Select the specific products

  1. Install what you want and what you need. It is recommended to install as shown below. Uncheck System Generator for DSP and do not install it because this is not used and can lead to errors in MATLAB since this is a MATLAB-Toolbox. To reduce the required disk space, it is sufficient to only install the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Devices. Other devices can be added later, but cannot be removed.

  1. Specify where to install

  1. Install

  1. Install the Vitis Core Development Kit Update 1 in the same way