Aim of the tutorial#

In this tutorial, the encoder card is used to measure a mechanical angle.

After this tutorial, you can:

  • Read out the encoder


The following tutorial requires:

  • Complete UltraZohm Toolchain (Vivado, Vitis, ultrazohm_sw repository)

  • UltraZohm connected to your PC by Ethernet and USB (JTAG)

  • Encoder card in D5 (Digital Incremental Encoder)

  • Incremental Encoder (Kübler 8.5000.8344.2000 is used here)

Read out Encoder#

Updated information#

js_ch_observable[JSO_Theta_el] = &data->av.theta_elec and js_ch_observable[JSO_theta_mech] = &data->av.theta_mech are now in the javascope.c instead of the isr.c. The rest remains unchanged.