Virtual Input Output (VIO)

Aim of the tutorial

In this tutorial, the Virtual Input Output (VIO) IP-Core is used to light up LEDs on the optical adapter board.

After this tutorial, you can:

  • Connect to the programmed FPGA with Vivado

  • Use the VIO

  • Test the optical adapter board


The following tutorial requires:

  • Complete UltraZohm Toolchain (Vivado, Vitis, ultrazohm_sw repository)

  • UltraZohm connected to your PC by Ethernet and USB (JTAG)

  • Optical adapter card in slot D3 (Digital Optical)

UltraZohm Setup

The UltraZohm has to be connected to a PC by Ethernet and USB (JTAG-Programmer) and the optical adapter card is in D3.


VIO usage

Updated information

With optical adapter card 2v02 one must set Output 19 to high, since this is the ENABLE signal of the optical card.

VIO IP-Core at 1:02 has a different name now. Furthermore, the output ports are labled D3_OUT[25:0] instead of Dig_Ch4[25:0].


Furthermore, the selection for the hw_vio channel at 1:25 changed aswell. It is now hw_vio_6 instead of hw_vio_5.