Virtual Input Output (VIO)#

Aim of the tutorial#

In this tutorial, the Virtual Input Output (VIO) IP-Core is used to light up LEDs on the optical adapter board.

After this tutorial, you can:

  • Connect to the programmed FPGA with Vivado

  • Use the VIO

  • Test the optical adapter board


The following tutorial requires:

  • Complete UltraZohm Toolchain (Vivado, Vitis, ultrazohm_sw repository)

  • UltraZohm connected to your PC by Ethernet and USB (JTAG)

  • Optical adapter card in slot D3 (Digital Optical)

UltraZohm Setup#

The UltraZohm has to be connected to a PC by Ethernet and USB (JTAG-Programmer) and the optical adapter card is in D3.


VIO usage#

Updated information#

With optical adapter card 2v02 one must set Output 19 to high, since this is the ENABLE signal of the optical card.

VIO IP-Core at 1:02 has a different name now. Furthermore, the output ports are labled D3_OUT[25:0] instead of Dig_Ch4[25:0].


Furthermore, the selection for the hw_vio channel at 1:25 changed aswell. It is now hw_vio_6 instead of hw_vio_5.