Adapter Cards#


Create your own adapter cards#

The UltraZohm project is work in progress project and you are welcome to contribute! To create a adapter card fork one of the following template repositories: for a Digital Adapter Card or for an Analog Adapter Card


If you create an adapter card please make sure you follow the guidelines:

  • Discuss your idea in the community. Someone might be designing a similar PCB right now.

  • Take the opportunity to get feedback from the community, e.g. using the issue tracker in the repo.

  • Please test your PCB design thoroughly and provide matching software/IP core drivers, so that others can re-use your design.

  • Write a docs page documenting the intended use, technical specifications, limitations, and (if applicable) any known bugs.

  • We differentiate between analog and digital adapter cards. They differ in the number of pins available and how they are routed. For example, the analog adapter has 10 fully differential signals, whereas the digital adapter has 30 single-ended signals that are routed through a CPLD. Please check the Carrier Board for more details

  • Include a version number. It follows the scheme <major_revision>v<minor_revision>. The major revisions are typically produced in hardware and minor revisions are revisions in the layout without producing the PCB.

  • Include the designer of the PCB with optionally a contact (e.g. QR-Code or e-mail address).