Digital Optical 16Tx 3Rx 2vXX#



  • Transmits up to 16 optical signals, e.g. gate signals.

  • Receives up to 3 optical signals, e.g. error signals.

  • The signals are passed through the CPLD first. Here additional functionality can be implemented, e.g. checking for invalid switching combinations or introducing a dead time.

Before first use#

Solder in up to

  • 16 optical transmitters: Broadcom HFBR-1521Z

  • 3 optical receiver: Broadcom HFBR-2521Z

Please refer to this page for detailed Soldering instructions of the receivers and transmitters.

  • Solder resistors (R14, R19) on the bottom side to connect optical receivers

  • Program CPLDs with firmware, see Programming the CPLD for details

Known issues#


When turning off the UltraZohm, the optical transmitters turn on shortly, solder in the pull down resistors to avoid this.

  • Solder pull down resistors, 2kOhm to each gate signal

../../../../_images/optical_16tx_v2_pulldown.jpg ../../../../_images/optical_16tx_v2_pulldown_schematic.jpg


Slots D1 to D4 can be used without limitations

Optical Cables#

  • Optical Cables of type HFBR-RNSxxxZ are tested and recommended for transmitting the optical signals. The xxx determines the length of the cable in meters.

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Designed by#

Thomas Kreppel (TUM), Eyke Liegmann (TUM) in 09/2019